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Interactive Simulator session confirmed!

We are excited to announce that this year’s MIA School of Race Engineering will feature an interactive simulator session at Cranfield Simulation!

Based at Cranfield University, Cranfield Simulation has spent over 30 years developing unique g-cueing technology for Formula 1. This, together with up to four modules of motion technology allows Cranfield’s Simulator to respond almost instantaneously to driver inputs; achieving a realistic driving environment which is essential for driver development and car setup.

How does the simulator work?

The simulator features four linear actuators to simulate suspension behaviour that are capable of accelerating up to 1g. The seat itself moves independently of the other modules to replicate high speed movements laterally or longitudinally. A complex airbag system is fitted within the lining of the seat which expands and contracts providing localised pressure to the driver; simulating the effect of g-forces during corners. While a yaw platform imitates the lateral movements of the rear end of the vehicle based on the rate of change of acceleration. The simulators at Cranfield Simulation are arguably the most advanced outside of F1, with some of the F1 teams benefitting from Cranfield’s technology. 

When is the interactive simulator session?

The interactive simulator session will be run on the last afternoon of the course and will allow students to watch the vital interaction between a Race Engineer and their driver during a real test session. Students will also get an opportunity to utilise the knowledge gained throughout the course and practise being a Race Engineer by suggesting setup changes to optimise performance. 

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