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Tutor Announcement: James Knapton, Head of Vehicle Science, Red Bull Advanced Technologies

James Knapton has enjoyed a rich career in Formula 1, as the Head of Vehicle Science at Force India, Sauber and Manor Racing F1 teams. His latest challenge consists of working with the likes of Adrian Newey on the Aston Martin Valkyrie project in his role as Head of Vehicle Science at Red Bull Advanced Technologies.

Throughout his years in Formula 1 he has gained a vast knowledge and understanding of vehicle dynamics, suspension, aerodynamics, tyres, and control systems to name a few. He has also worked closely with many Race Engineers and knows the demands of the role and the required qualities and knowledge to succeed as a Race Engineer in Formula 1.

James is the first confirmed tutor of the MIA School of Race Engineering and will be teaching the students everything they need to know about suspension and setup.  

‘Suspension is arguably one of the most complex areas of the car to understand. It’s interaction and affect on the tyres, ride height and other vehicle dynamic parameters are essential to the overall behaviour and driveability of the car and is therefore crucial for Race Engineers to get to grips with.

‘I am very much looking forward to teaching the students about the most important aspects of suspension and suspension setup. I am also keen to meet enthusiastic engineers who may be suitable to apply for some of the roles we have to offer at Red Bull Advanced Technologies.’  

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