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Tutor Announcement! Willem Toet is the latest tutor to join the MIA Spring School of Race Engineering.

Image courtesy of Simscale
Image courtesy of Simscale

Willem Toet is a renowned aerodynamicist with a rich career history, that includes heading the aerodynamic departments of four different Formula 1 teams such as Ferrari and most recently Sauber. With over 30 years experience in F1, Willem not only knows all the aerodynamic tricks used in racing but he may have even pioneered a few too!

Willem will be joining the MIA Spring School of Race Engineering and will teach the students how and where aerodynamics can be useful in engineering a racecar to go faster. He will cover topics such as how to minimise drag whilst maximising downforce and how to use aerodynamic features to optimise the performance of tyres and brakes. He will also give insight into the new 2019 aero regulations and give his views on how much difference aerodynamics can make to lap times and to performance when following another car. 

‘Aerodynamics is a vital tool that Race Engineers can use to tweak and optimise the set-up of a racecar and therefore it is an area that Race Engineers need to understand in depth. It is so important to transfer knowledge to the next generation to help make them even better engineers to continually push the boundaries of modern engineering and technology. Teaching is a personal passion of mine and I am looking forward to meeting the students in April and hopefully give them an insight into the fascinating world of racecar aerodynamics.’

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