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Tutor Announcement! Ciaron Pilbeam, Chief Race Engineer at Renault F1 joins the MIA School of Race Engineering

We are thrilled to announce that Ciaron Pilbeam, Chief Race Engineer at Renault F1 Team will be tutoring at this year’s MIA Spring School of Race Engineering. Ciaron has been working as an F1 Race Engineer for over 14 years, working for the likes of BAR Honda, Red Bull Racing, McLaren and now Renault F1. 

Race engineering, particularly at high level racing such as F1 where the teams are large and the information plenty, is extremely challenging. Race Engineers sit at the top of the chain and have to absorb, process and analyse the car’s data, the driver’s feedback as well as all the other information from their performance engineers, other departments and suppliers. At any one time when the car is out on track a Race Engineer can be listening to as many as 12 radio channels – all whilst running the car. Add to this the immense pressure of trying to compete against other world-class race teams and you can see why Race Engineering is one of the toughest jobs in the world – but also one of the most rewarding. 

Having race engineered for five F1 teams, including for Mark Webber during the fierce Championship battles of 2010 and 2011, it is fair to say that Ciaron knows a thing or two about performing as a Race Engineer under pressure. So who better to teach the students the complex role of being a Race Engineer than a Chief Race Engineer of an F1 team?  

‘To be a successful Race Engineer you need to have a wide variety of skills which are difficult to teach at University and often come with practise and experience. This is why it is important for motorsport professionals to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of students,’ says Pilbeam. ‘I’m keen to explain, in detail, what race engineering actually involves and run through the daily tasks whether that is at the track or back at the factory. Hopefully this will give the students the insight they need to become successful Race Engineers in the future.’

Do you want to learn from the Chief Race Engineer of an F1 team in a classroom environment? Apply today!


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