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Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Our Data Analysis Online Module took place on Saturday 20th February 2021.

Each F1 team collects around 1.5TB of data every race weekend. But data means nothing if it is not analysed and interpreted properly. This online module taught the skills behind Data Analysis and how to extract the real value from data. 

Attendees were taught by experienced trackside engineers from BTCC and F1, who revealed the tricks they use to succeed in the pitlane. Attendees learnt how to collect reliable data and discovered the latest data analysis techniques. The module covered how to convert track data into useful graphs and metrics to help optimise driver and car performance.  


Jonathan Marshall - Head of Vehicle Science

Jon has worked in a wide variety of roles ranging from Vehicle Dynamics Engineer to Race Engineer and for 5 different F1 teams including Minardi F1, Jordan Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing, Renault F1 and now Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team.

Victoria Guppy - Data Engineer

Victoria has worked trackside for the last 10 years for F3 and BTCC race teams and joined Manor Racing F1 in 2015 as Trackside Systems Engineer. Now, she spends her weekends data engineering for BTC Racing. 

Geoff Dymott - Race Engineer

Geoff worked for Williams Racing for over 20 years as a Vehicle Dynamics, Race/Test Data Engineer and Senior Performance Engineer. Geoff also race engineered in F4 and Porsche Carrera Cup for Richardson Racing.

Module Programme:

Session 1 – Reliable Data

Find out what sensors you need to know about, how they work and the typical issues to look out for. Understand the importance of logging rates and error checking for different types of sensors. Practise analysing basic track data signals through a variety of interactive exercises.

Session 2 – Data Analysis Part 1

Learn the techniques Race Engineers use to convert track data into a variety of useful metrics and plots. Understand how these can then be used to extract the true value out of data and improve performance. 

Session 3 – Data Analysis Part 2

Discover the tips and tricks F1 engineers use when collecting, categorising and viewing data. Walk through the process of analysing data after a session with a former F1 engineer. Learn how to spot important issues quickly and how to provide concise and reliable feedback to the driver and team. 

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