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Racing Engines

Racing Engines

Our Racing Engines online module took place on 15 May 2021 and taught the techniques, approaches and principles behind developing a successful race engine. Attendees learnt from global engine experts who shared their experience and knowledge on the latest engine technologies and trends. 

In an F1 engine, combustion temperatures reach 2,600degC, which is half as hot as the surface of the sun. While gas pressure forces are equivalent to 4 elephants acting on each piston. Optimising this extreme environment within the combustion chamber is key to maximising engine performance and thermal efficiency.


Ulrich Baretzky - former Director Race Engine Development at AUDI Sport

Ulrich began his career as a Design Engineer at BMW Motorsport and was involved in F1, F2 projects as well as High Performance M3 and M5 engines. He moved to Audi where he led projects in WEC, DTM, Trans-Am, IMSA GTO, and ITC.

Owen Jones - Head of Performance and Controls

Owen has spent the past 25 seasons developing F1 engines. In 2006, he joined Mercedes HPP as Head of Performance and Controls, responsible for all performance aspects of the V8 & V6 hybrid power units. 

Will Pedley - Track Support Engineer

Will has over 18 years motorsport experience, with the last 6 working on the development of race engines. He has specialised in engine calibration and dyno testing for a wide variety of championships including IMSA, LMP1, GP3 and Indy Lights. 

Aleksander Pinter - Project Manager Racing

Aleks began his career at AVL in 2000 where he developed turbo and supercharged gasoline engines. In 2013 he joined the racing department of AVL where he supported teams in IRC, WRC, NASCAR, Formula E and Formula 1 with their powertrain development. 

Daniel Blaindorfer - Team Leader - Solution Engineering Racing

Daniel graduated from the Graz University of Technology in 2014 and has worked at AVL ever since. Over the last 7 years he has been involved in the development of AVL’s engine dyno capabilities for a variety of motorsport and automotive clients

Module Programme*:

Session 1 – Race Engine development
Taught by Ulrich Baretzky, former Head of Engine Development at Audi, you’ll gain exclusive insight into the lessons learnt throughout his years in motorsport. He’ll be sharing his advice, hints and tips on how to develop a successful high performance race engine. 

Session 2 – Performance & thermal efficiency
Understand the science behind thermal efficiency and the most important factors that affect it. You'll learn the tricks teams use to maximise performance and boost thermal efficiency.

Session 3 – Engine calibration
Discover how engine calibration can be used to extract maximum performance from an engine. You'll also find out the variables that require tuning as well as the techniques and processes involved in conducting an effective engine calibration. 

Session 4 – Engine dynos
Understand the capabilities of a variety of different types of engine dynos and the procedures involved in running an effective dyno test. You'll also find out the tricks behind utilising a dyno test to improve track performance as well as how to analyse dyno data. 

*Please note timetable is subject to change.

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