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Tyre Engineering

Join our Tyre Engineering online module on 22 January

Tyre Engineering

Tyres are the only component that connects a racecar to the track, which is why they are the most important performance area on a racecar. Whether it’s increased downforce, extra power or less weight, everything engineers develop to add performance, has to be transmitted through the tyres.

However, the complex behaviour of rubber makes optimising tyre performance a black art. Engineers have to manage temperatures, pressures, wear and degradation, all whilst tuning the set-up to maximise grip.

Module Programme*:

Session 1 – Formula One tyres
Discover how F1 engineers analyse tyre performance by calculating tyre compound deltas, degradation and wear rates. Understand the importance of tyre models in F1 and how these are utilised trackside to maximise performance.  

Session 2 – Endurance tyres
Find out how endurance teams manage the same set of tyres to last the equivalent distance of two and a half F1 races. You’ll also learn the tactics behind optimising tyre temperatures, pressures, wear and degradation during a 6, 12 and 24 hour race.   

Session 3 – Rally & Rallycross tyres
Managing the performance of Rally tyres requires a completely different approach. Find out the tyre strategies and tactics Rally teams use, as well as how Rally rubber is designed to cope with tarmac, gravel and snow surfaces.

World RX cars accelerate from 0-60mph faster than F1. So how do teams tune the tyres to cope with those accelerations, along with mixed surfaces and 2m high jumps? Uncover the secrets behind Rallycross tyre engineering.

*Please note this programme content is subject to change.

On successful completion of the Online Module, graduates are awarded an industry-recognised certificate of completion from the MIA.

This online module will take place on Saturday 22 January, from 11:00 - 18:00 (GMT) via Zoom and the MIA Campus platform. The cost for this industry recognised learning opportunity is just £395*. This price includes exclusive technical material, the opportunity to put forward questions to the tutors, access to the webinar recording and a certificate of attendance.

* Bundle packages are available if you enroll on multiple modules and there is a special loyalty offer for MIA Members and past participants. 


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