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Our next online modules will take place on
14 December 2024 and 18 January 2025

Maintaining grip with the track whilst coping with lateral and longitudinal accelerations of over 5G requires every area of a racecar to be effectively engineered and working in harmony. This is the goal of the vehicle dynamics engineer - and the key to achieving a fast lap time. 

However, with over 14,500 parts on a modern Formula 1 car, understanding the interactions between each and the resulting affect on the car's dynamic behaviour is a real challenge. 

Previous topics have included. These will be split between Part 1 and 2:

Global racecar performance
Delivered by tbc

Find out what areas of a racecar influence lap time the most and how this differs between tracks. Understand the types of corners where the most lap time can be gained and the effect of tyres, aerodynamics and power on car performance. 

Vehicle Dynamics in Rallying
Delivered by tbc

What factors influence the vehicle dynamics of a Rally car? Understand the interactions between elements of the Rally car, while learning how engineers manage the impact of external influences such as gravel, tarmac and snow.

Delivered by tbc

An explanation of the main components that make up the suspension such as dampers, springs and tyres as well as the pros and cons of the different types of suspension geometries used in motorsport. Camber gain and camber thrust will also be explained along with suspension set-up procedures and the importance of kinematics and compliance.

Delivered by Matthew Brown

Learn how race teams use simulators for driver training as well as car set-up and gain exclusive insight into the tricks Race Engineers use when getting driver feedback and analysing data.

Test Rigs
Delivered by tbc

Insight into the different types of rigs F1 teams use to test and develop the suspension, dampers, brakes, transmission and powertrain.

The Role of a Vehicle Dynamicist 
Delivered by tbc

You will discover the daily tasks of Vehicle dynamics engineers and the important skills and qualities required to be successful at the role.

Delivered by tbc

Insight into how a tyre generates grip through the contact patch, the different types of degradation and the effect of track roughness. You will also learn the latest techniques race teams use to set the tyres up and manage temperatures and pressures to maximise grip. 

Delivered by tbc

Master the behaviour of understeer and oversteer and the techniques teams use to tune car balance to optimise grip through different phases of the corner.

Ride modelling
Delivered by tbc

Discover the ride and handling compromises every motorsport engineer faces. Understand the fundamentals of dampers and how to read the behaviour of different damper types using damper curves. You will also learn how to conduct an accurate ride simulation and K&C test. 

*Topics subject to change. More tutors to be announced soon!

Matthew Brown - Senior Specialist, Vehicle Dynamics Engineer - McLaren F1 Team
Matthew Brown

Senior Specialist, Vehicle Dynamics Engineer - McLaren F1 Team

Find out more about the tutors:

Matthew Brown - Senior Specialist, Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

Matthew graduated from Imperial College London with an MEng in Aeronautical Engineering in 2014. After graduating, he has worked in Vehicle Dynamics and Simulator groups for Red Bull Racing and Mercedes AMG F1. In 2023 he started at the McLaren F1 team as a Senior Specialist, Vehicle Dynamics Engineer.

On successful completion of the Online Module, graduates are awarded an industry recognised certificate of completion from the MIA. The online modules will take place on 15 December and 18 January, via Zoom and the MIA Campus platform. The cost for this industry recognised learning opportunity is just £295*, per module. This price includes exclusive technical material, the opportunity to put forward questions to the tutors, access to the webinar recording and a certificate of attendance.

*Bundle packages are available if you enroll on multiple modules and there is a special loyalty offer for MIA Members and past participants. Contact elinor.morris@the-mia.com for more information.


"I thought the module was really well done. James' slides were very informative, clear and useful. Blake’s comments were very valuable."

"Thank you for making this great knowledge available and accessible to everybody with an interest in Motorsport. It is incredible having great professionals from the Motorsport world explaining the theory behind it. Really awesome experience and highly recommend."

"It was very refreshing for me to come back after many years of absence in the racing environment. This course was excellent to update some concepts and more over, how the information has been handled at the current time. Many thanks!"

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