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What do our alumni think of the School?

Richard Kovacs
Richard Kovacs

Postgraduate - Cranfield University

Why the School of Race Engineering?

"Nowadays every student that wants to get into motorsport has the same checklist, they have all done some sort of engineering degree, are all good academics and are working towards a masters as well. I wanted to be able to differentiate myself that little bit more as I am coming up to applying for jobs in motorsport." - Richard Kovacs, Postgraduate from Cranfield University

Has the School delivered?

"The School has exceeded my expectations, there has been a lot of incredible people that I have met who have given me some valuable advice, not just technically but in terms of career pathways too" - Michael Leonard, Automotive Engineering student at Loughborough University

Michael Leonard
Michael Leonard

Automotive Engineering student - Loughborough University

What do our tutors think of the School?

Ciaron Pilbeam - Chief Race Engineer

“There is little formal training available on race engineering specifically, but the MIA course offers just that. With a variety of experienced tutors the course introduces many of the important aspects in race engineering, not only technical but also on the organisational and managerial sides of the job. I look forward to seeing the MIA School of Race Engineering graduates come through as the next generation of race engineers.”

James Knapton - Head of Vehicle Science

“The School of Race Engineering offers a great chance for students to see what it is really like to be a race engineer. There are not many other places outside of a high-end race team where students can understand the full range of inter-personal, managerial and technical skills needed in race engineering.”

Will Hunt
Will Hunt

Technical Manager - Bentley Motorsport

Will Hunt - Technical Manager - Bentley Motorsport

“The MIA School of Race Engineering offers students a wide range of learning and opportunities to discuss the reality of working in Motorsport. With lecturers from across the spectrum of industry, students are given a broad insight into various disciplines. This will help students decide how to best take their next steps towards achieving their career goals in Motorsport.”

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