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Online Modules

Alongside the MIA School of Race Engineering, we are now offering a brand-new series of additional Online Modules, designed to help you understand the theory behind Race Engineering. 

These technical Online Modules will be taught by world-class, race-winning engineers who will use their experience to teach you everything you need to know before hitting the racetrack.

NEW! Vehicle Simulation - 17th October 2020

Modelling and simulating the behaviour of a racecar is now a vital skill for the majority of motorsport engineers. With reduced track time and stricter regulations, simulation can help your team get ahead of the field before you even get to the racetrack.

But how do you go about developing simulations which are not only accurate but reliable as well? Our expert tutors will explain this and much more in our latest Online Module. 

Our tutors for this highly specialised module so far are:

Mark Catherall - Co-Founder

Mark has over 8 years experience in F1 simulation development having worked at McLaren Racing and Scuderia Ferrari. In 2016 he co-founded Canopy Simulations which utilises cloud computing to provide lap time simulation, vehicle modelling and setup exploration to F1 and Formula E teams.

Sergio Rinland - Managing Director

With over 40 years experience in motorsport, Sergio has been the Chief Designer at Brabham F1, Dallara, Sauber Racing and Arrows Grand Prix. He has also worked for the likes of Benetton F1, Pankl, Tata Motors and AVL. Now he is Managing Director of his own engineering consultancy Astauto.

Module programme:

Session 1 – How race teams use vehicle simulations 

  • Insight into the types of simulation tools race teams use to predict and optimise the vehicle dynamics of their racecar 

Session 2 – Vehicle modelling

  • Explanation of what makes up a vehicle model and how to develop one
  • Hints and tips for optimising vehicle models to ensure they run accurately and reliably

Session 3 – F1 vehicle simulations

  • How F1 teams utilise static and quasi-static simulations featuring live demonstrations with Canopy Simulations

You will also get the unique opportunity to ask our tutors your questions during three live Q&A sessions! 

So, whether you are pursuing a career in motorsport simulation, or have a keen interest in this subject, register your place today on this exclusive learning experience and get ready to broaden your vehicle simulation knowledge.

The cost for this industry recognised learning opportunity is just £295, which has been discounted from the standard price of £395 as a special offer due to the current pandemic situation. The price includes exclusive technical material, the opportunity to put forward questions to the tutors and a Certificate of Attendance for each participant.

Previous module: Vehicle Dynamics

During our 2nd Online Module on Saturday 5th September 2020, our expert F1 tutors explained the theory behind F1 suspension, racecar handling, stability and how to optimise aero, brake, roll balance and weight transfer throughout different corner phases. Our tutors also revealed the tactics F1 teams use to tune racecar set-up at the racetrack and answered over 130 of your questions during the live Q&A sessions!

James Knapton - Head of Vehicle Science

James Knapton has enjoyed a rich career in Formula 1, as the Head of Vehicle Science at Force India, Sauber and Manor F1 teams. Now, he works with Adrian Newey on the Aston Martin Valkyrie project in his role as Head of Vehicle Science at Red Bull Advanced Technologies. 

Blake Hinsey - Senior Simulator Performance Engineer

A graduate from Oxford Brookes, Blake has been working in F1 Vehicle Dynamics and Race Engineering departments for the last 9 years. He was a Performance Engineer at Force India and then Red Bull Racing where he is now a Senior Simulator Performance Engineer.

Tudor Ibanescu - Senior Suspension Performance Engineer

Tudor has worked in the Vehicle Dynamics department for Renault Sport Racing since 2014. He is now a Senior Suspension Performance Engineer where one of his many roles includes supporting the race team during a race weekend.   

Previous module: F1 Aerodynamics

Our F1 Aerodynamics Online Module on Saturday 18 July 2020 kicked off our new series of technical online modules. Taught by two expert F1 engineers, attendees learned the basic principles of F1 aerodynamics, the engineering behind F1 aero devices, how to improve performance using wind tunnel, CFD and track testing and how to achieve the optimum aerodynamic set-up at the racetrack. 

Attendees also got the chance to participate in live polls and ask the tutors their aerodynamic questions - 80 of which were answered during the Q&A sessions.

Willem Toet - Senior Sales Manager

Willem Toet is a renowned aerodynamicist who has headed aero departments of 4 F1 teams including Ferarri and most recently Sauber. With over 30 years' experience in F1, Willem not only knows all the aerodynamic tricks used in racing but he's pioneered them too!

Dominic Harlow - Motorsport Engineer

Dominic is part of the engineering team at the FIA who are developing the F1 regulations. He has also worked for BMW in DTM, Williams F1 and Force India as well as other Race Engineering roles.

As a graduate of an Online Module

On successful completion of an Online Module, you will be awarded an industry-recognised certificate of completion from the MIA.


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