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Race Strategy

Join our Race Strategy online module on 18 December

To win races, you have to be on the right strategy. So, how do race teams define this strategy and how does this differ between racing categories?

Our Race Strategy online module on Saturday 18 December will answer these questions and more. Taught by real race-winning engineers, your team will learn the secrets behind optimising race strategy and the different strategic challenges of Formula 1, Formula E and Endurance Racing. 

During this module our expert tutors will provide exclusive technical content, along with interactive polls and Q&A sessions. Delivering a comprehensive learning experience whatever your level.

Module Programme*:

Session 1 – Formula 1 Race Strategy
Find out how F1 strategists calculate those all important factors that can make or break a race strategy, including tyre degradation, pit stop windows, tyre compound deltas, track evolution and much more.
Session 2 – Formula E Race Strategy

With timed races and energy management levels to worry about, plus Fanboost and Attack Mode, Formula E strategists have a lot to consider when analysing race strategy. Discover some exclusive tips and tricks that help make the right strategic decisions.
Session 3 – Endurance Race Strategy
Optimising a race strategy for 6, 12 or 24 hour racing requires a completely different approach. Find out how engineers adjust their race strategies to cope with ever-changing car, driver, track and weather conditions throughout an endurance race.

Session 4 – Race Strategy Analysis
F1 teams simulate over 300 million permutations of each race. So how do teams analyse this huge amount of data to determine the winning strategy? 

* Please note this programme content is subject to change

On successful completion of the Online Module, graduates are awarded an industry-recognised certificate of completion from the MIA.

This online module will take place on Saturday 18 December, from 11:00 - 18:00 (GMT) via Zoom and the MIA Campus platform. The cost for this industry recognised learning opportunity is just £395*. This price includes exclusive technical material, the opportunity to put forward questions to the tutors, access to the webinar recording and a certificate of attendance.

* Bundle packages are available if you enroll on multiple modules and there is a special loyalty offer for MIA Members and past participants. 


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