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Race Strategy

Our next Race Strategy module will take place on
28 September 2024

To win races, you have to be on the right strategy. So, how do race teams define this strategy and how does this differ between racing categories?

Our Race Strategy online module will answer these questions and more. Taught by real race-winning engineers, attendees will learn the secrets behind optimising race strategy and the different strategic challenges of Formula 1 and IndyCar racing.

Tutors and topics*:

Session 1 – Formula 1 Race Strategy
Delivered by tbc

Find out how F1 strategists calculate those all important factors that can make or break a race strategy, including fuel corrected laptimes, tyre modelling, free air calculation and simulations and much more.

Session 2 – IndyCar Race Strategy
Delivered by tbc

With short courses, road courses and ovals, along with unique safety car and full course yellow rules, the strategy involved in winning an IndyCar race can be extremely complex. Learn from real IndyCar race engineers the techniques and tools used to adapt the strategy to the changing conditions of a race.

Session 3 – Race Strategy Analysis
Delivered by tbc
F1 teams simulate over 300 million permutations of each race. So how do teams analyse this huge amount of data to determine the winning strategy?  You will gain insight into how race teams simulate, analyse and optimise race strategy. Attendees will be guided through specific scenarios from different categories of motorsport and the strategic options available to the teams. Includes live demos of RaceWatch strategy software 

Session 4 - Endurance Race Strategy
Delivered by Leigh Pettipas, Race Engineer, experienced in Endurance Racing

Understand the challenges of endurance racing and how this impacts race strategy. You will understand the important factors to consider before and during a race weekend. Plus, gain tips and tricks to help manage long distance racing.

*Please note topics are subject to change

More information about your tutors:

Guillaume Ducreux headshot
Guillaume Ducreux

Race Strategy Analyst

Guillaume joined Alpine F1 Team as a full-time Strategy Engineer, assisting car strategists in simulations before progressing to the role of car strategist. Guillaume now works at Oracle Red Bull Racing as a Race Strategy Analyst.

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Guillaume Ducreux headshot
Leigh Pettipas

Race Engineer

Leigh has 18 years experience implementing strategy in the world’s most important endurance contests, including LeMans 24h, Daytona 24h, Sebring 12h and Petit LeMans 10h. He has spent the previous 8 seasons with Texas-based Ferrari GT luminaries Risi Competizione, past winner of each of these marquee races. Leigh is also the principal figure in Sensory Motorsport, a full-service race shop with a focus on Trans Am TA2 cars.

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Previous tutors have included:

Guillaume Ducreux headshot
Brad Goldberg

Lead Race Engineer

Brad has over 21 years of experience for Chip Ganassi Racing. The last 14 years he has been the Lead Race Engineer for programs competing in WEC, IMSA, and Indycar. He has a wealth of knowledge of Race Strategy and the unique challenges competing in the Indycar Series.

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Oliver Basey-Fisher headshot
Oliver Basey-Fisher

Product Manager

Oliver’s passion for motorsport led him to become a semi-professional racing driver where he competed nationally and internationally in a variety of GT championships. After his racing career he studied computer science and joined SBG in 2021. Pairing his driving expertise and software knowledge he has helped develop RaceWatch, an advanced Race Strategy software tool used by race winning teams across the world.

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