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4-day School

The MIA School of Race Engineering hosts two 4-day Schools each year. These Schools cover 32 hours of teaching and networking with world-leading race engineers.

Hosted at the Silverstone Museum, there is no better place to learn the art of motorsport.

During the four days you will:

  • Learn more about key motorsport engineering principals

  • Get hands on through the simulator session with our racing driver

  • Build your network with race winning engineers

  • Get your CV in front of the world’s best engineers

  • Enjoy relaxed networking during our evening events

  • Be awarded an industry recognised certificate of attendance

  • Join the MIA School of Race Engineering Alumni community

Our next School will take place in November.

Sessions and tutors for April 2024 include:

Role of a Race Engineer

Delivered by Ciaron Pilbeam

  • The roles and responsibilities of a Race Engineer

  • How to create runplans for race weekends and simulator sessions

  • Define car set-up, tyre choice and strategy

  • Analyse real Formula 1 car and driver data

Headshot of Ciaron Pilbeam, Technical Director (Performance) at Alpine F1 Team
Ciaron Pilbeam

Technical Director (Performance)

- Alpine F1 Team

Global racecar performance

Delivered by James Knapton

  • Car parameters that have the most influence on performance

  • Which types of corners have the highest laptime gains

  • Calculate grip balance to understand set-up changes

  • Use lift/drag efficiency to identify the performance gains of parts

Headshot of James Knapton, Chief Engineer
James Knapton

Head of Performance Analysis - Andretti Racing

Race Strategy

Delivered by Guillaume Ducreux

  • Understand how teams model tyre degradation

  • How to determine strategy using free air optimisation

  • Discover Monte Carlo simulation techniques

Headshot of Guillaume Ducreux
Guillaume Ducreux

Race Strategy Analyst -Oracle Red Bull Racing


Delivered by Matthew Schofield

  • A brief introduction to Aerodynamics

  • The aerodynamic development process

  • Aerodynamics for motor racing - an example

  • How do we decide if we are making the car go faster?

  • The role of a trackside aerodynamicist

Headshot of Matthew Schofield, Principal Aerodynamicist, Red Bull Advanced Technologies
Matthew Schofield

Principal Aerodynamicist

Red Bull Advanced Technologies

Race Engineering workshop

Delivered by Craig Porley

  • Overview of the key skills required to be a successful Race Engineer

  • Work in small groups to create a runplan for an on-track session

  • Learn how to convert driver feedback into quantitative data

  • Practise optimising car set-up based on real driver feedback

Headshot of Geoff Dymott, Race Engineer at Century Motorsport
Craig Porley

Race Engineer - Laser Tools Racing with WSR

Transmissions and Differentials

Delivered by Oliver Parker and Gerhard Barkhuizen

  • Understand gear theory and define gear ratios

  • Hybrid and electric transmission layouts

  • Differential types, preload and lubrication

  • Analyse real data from a touring car differential

Headshot of Gerhard Barkhuizen, Analysis Engineer- Xtrac
Gerhard Barkhuizen

Analysis Engineer


Headshot of Oliver Parker, Senior Design Engineer - Xtrac
Oliver Parker

Senior Design Engineer Xtrac


Delivered by Steve Hood

  • Technical insight into brake design

  • How to manage wear and temperature to achieve optimum performance

Headshot of Geoff Dymott, Race Engineer at Century Motorsport
Steve Hood

Technical Sales Manager USA - AP Racing


Delivered by Rob Sharp

  • Learn the different damper configurations and control arm setups

  • Overview of four post rig testing

  • Understand castor, camber gain and camber thrust

  • Identify vehicle balance issues from real car data

Headshot of Rob Sharp, Race Engineer in GTWC and WEC
Rob Sharp

Race Engineer in GTWC and WEC

Data analysis

Delivered by Geoff Dymott

  • Find out what the most important sensors on a racecar are

  • Understand how sensors work

  • Practise identifying typical sensor issues from data

  • Tips on how to ensure sensors are generating accurate and reliable results

Headshot of Geoff Dymott, Race Engineer at Century Motorsport
Geoff Dymott

Race Engineer - Century Motorsport

Simulator session

Delivered by Geoff Dymott and Callum Cripps

  • Analyse real sim data using MoTeC software

  • Work with Race Engineers to suggest set-up changes

  • Define runplans to analyse different set-ups

  • Practise debriefing the driver

Headshot of Geoff Dymott, Race Engineer at Century Motorsport
Geoff Dymott

Race Engineer - Century Motorsport

Headshot of Callum Cripps, Race Driver at Callum Cripps Racing
Callum Cripps

Race Driver - Callum Cripps Racing

Tyre Engineering

Delivered by TBC

  • Learn the two mechanisms behind tyre grip

  • Understand the different types of tyre degradation

  • Carcass, bulk and surface temperatures and their operating windows

  • The tactics teams use to manage tyre degradation

Other subjects covered will include Race strategy, Brakes, Suspension and Racecar Set-up. Keep up to date for new announcements on by signing up to our mailing list here.

Q&A sessions and networking dinners

The course will also include two panel Q&A sessions and networking dinners where students will get the opportunity to ask questions and connect with tutors in a more relaxed environment. 

The tutors confirmed to attend the Q&A sessions for the April 2024 course are: 

To learn more about applying click here.

Hear what our graduates have to say about the School here.

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