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Racecar Set-up

Our Racecar Set-up module took place on 20th November 2021. Contact elinor.morris@the-mia.com to register your interest for next year.

One of the most important skills of a Race Engineer is to tune the set-up of a racecar according to the circuit, driver and conditions. To achieve this, Race Engineers need to fully understand the principles behind the main areas of a racecar and how these can be exploited to improve laptime.

Our Racecar Set-up online module featured successful Race Engineers who revealed their trackside tips on how the vehicle dynamics, tyres and aerodynamics can be optimised to achieve the fastest set-up. Attendees also learnt the tricks to pre and post event simulation and get exclusive access to ChassisSim.

The module featured the following companies and teams

Our Racecar Set-up module took place on 20th Novemeber

James Knapton Head of Vehicle Science
Danny Nowlan



Pre-event simulation

  • Introduction to racecar set-up and the main areas/components Race Engineers change to optimise set-up.
  • The simulation procedures, tips and tricks of defining a baseline set-up before a race weekend.
  • Exclusive access to ChassisSim where you can run your own simulations!
Jenner Collins headshot
Jenner Collins

Race Engineer

Collins / WSR

Set-up procedures

  • Overview of the main procedures involved in setting up a racecar.
  • Explanation of how to accurately carry out the most common set-up procedures such as setting ride heights, wing angles, toe, camber as well as zeroing sensors and defining brake maps.
James Knapton Head of Vehicle Science
Geoff Dymott

Race Engineer

Tyre set-up

  • Understand how camber, running pressures and temperature can be used to influence tyre degradation.
  • Discover the tricks Race Engineers use to maximise grip during qualifying and extend tyre life during the race.
James Knapton Head of Vehicle Science
João Ginete

Performance Engineer

Jota Sport

Mechanical set-up

  • Learn how springs, bars and dampers are adjusted to achieve the optimum suspension set-up.
  • Find out how engineers tune the brake balance, mechanical balance and weight distribution of racecars.
James Knapton Head of Vehicle Science
Jack Chilvers


Aerodynamic set-up

  • Insight into the tactics teams use to optimise downforce, drag and overall aerodynamic balance.
  • Discover the different aero packages teams use for different race circuits.
James Knapton Head of Vehicle Science
Mark Catherall


Canopy Simulations

In-event simulation

  • Overview of the types of set-up simulations teams carry out during a race weekend and how these are correlated with track data.
  • Featuring live demos of Canopy Simulations software.

*Schedule subject to change.

Please contact elinor.morris@the-mia.com for more information about Racecar Set-up 2022.


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